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The free Gaminator games range is so famous due to the quality of the visual appearance of each one of their different slot games. Gaminator have a large range of titles that offer very different themes and game play features, the one thing that is constant throughout the range of the casino games is the high quality graphics. These graphics are excellent as there is a massive design and programming team ensuring that the appearance on all free Gaminator games is excellent. The graphics allow users to feel that they are being transported to the different places that the elaborate themes portray. The graphics in the different free Gaminator games make the screen very easy for the user to spend hours looking at therefore increasing the enjoyment a player can have. In addition to these wonderful graphics the physical appearance of a slot game would not be complete without the sound effects. The sound effects across all of the free Gaminator games are of the highest possible standard. The sounds used in each different game title are completely different from the other titles and this attention to detail really adds value to the player’s experience.

One of the top titles offered in free Gaminator games is the ancient Egyptian themed game the book of Ra. This game aims to take users on an unforgettable journey back in time to the ancient Egyptian period where the player is an explorer and an adventurer trying to search from the magical book of Ra. This is one of the best free Gaminator games as the graphics show the Egyptian world in all its full glory. The adventure consists of the player having to navigate themselves past dangerous Scarabs and search deep through sarcophaguses and avoid spells that dead pharaohs would leave. Egyptian sculptures and monuments have to be avoided and by passed as the players continue on their quest to find the book of Ra that will unlock all of the treasures. Book of Ra is by far one of the most successful free Gaminator games due to the excellent theme and superb graphics that allow this game come to life. There are many other adventure and explorer games available in the free Gaminator games range all of these are brought to life through the excellent graphics and sounds that are known to be part of the Gaminator trademark.

The most advanced game in the free Gaminator games range is the 4 King Cash game. This game operates four different games on the one screen therefore giving players that are using the game the most options. These options will really appeal to real gamblers as its makes the game more complex but also produces more winning options. 4 King Cash is a hugely popular game in the free Gaminator games range and it is renowned in the casino slot games community to reward aggressive gamblers. Another very popular casino slot game in the free Gaminator games range is the Golden 7’s game. This game is designed around an original casino slot machine and features symbols that include the traditional numbers and BARS, Golden Bell’s and of course 7’s. Fans love the opportunity to play a machine that features these traditional symbols and it reminds players of the first slot machines invented and playing in the traditional land based casinos. These two free Gaminator games are massively popular for two different reasons the first being that it presents more advanced casino players with a challenge and the second being that it reminds players of the more traditional land based slot machines.

One of the more common environments that is used to base free Gaminator games themes is the deep blue sea. Many of the different titles are themed around the ocean and one of the most popular ocean themed games is Mermaids Pearl. Mermaids Pearl takes players deep down to the bottom of the ocean to a place they could only imagine where beautiful creatures roam the sea bed. The player when on their adventure comes across many different creatures like crabs, seahorses, fish of all different varieties and turtles. On this free Gaminator games adventure the player must negotiate their way around all of these creatures and follow the beautiful mermaid so that they can find their way to the sunken treasure. Another one of the most famous titles in the free Gaminator games series is set deep under the ocean this game is called Lord of the Ocean. Lord of the Ocean features many different amazing and mystical sea creatures the game is designed to take the user to a completely magical world deep under the sea. This is an environment players could only imagine so this free Gaminator games gives users the chance to experience and take part in this fantasy adventure.

As discussed above free Gaminator games have been a massive success globally due to the very high quality of the graphics and sound. The programmers and designers have done a world class job when perfecting the series of free Gaminator games. The designers through imagination and attention to detail have managed to create a vast variety of themes and ideas to design the different games around. These themes have resulted in some incredibly exciting playing environments and users will love having the chance to explore new and strange worlds whilst playing for money. The programmers then implemented the designer’s plans perfectly as the games all work fantastically well. This combination of excellent designers and programmers surely result in the main reason why free Gaminator games occupy number one spot in the casino games market. A survey taken of free Gaminator games players showed that the player’s favourite feature in the casino slot games series was the variety of choice between the different games and the amount of design work that had gone into each individual game. The fact that every aspect of the game from the background, to the symbols, to the sounds even to the bonus features are all designed very well makes these slot games stand out from the competition.