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Gaminator slots offer players all over the world the chance to play internationally recognisable games in the comfort of their own homes. Thanks to some fantastic software developers these hi-tech casino games can be played without having to download on the PC. Flash games of this quality have never before been seen and they give users the chance to play a great game without having the hassle and difficulty of downloading. Gaminator slots not only work without a download but they work to the highest possible graphic specifications, these high end graphics allow the user to really be a part of the game and increase the enjoyment levels for players massively. This high quality mark that free Gaminator slots brings to the market does not stop at the graphics as the sounds used in the different slot games are also first rate. The sounds are produced through electronic music studios and compiled so that there are not only different sound tracks to all of the different games in the Gaminator range but each win line in each game has a different sound to symbolize it. This combination of first rate graphics and sounds make Gaminator slots the best flash casino option on the market and offer players a first rate playing experience.

If the graphics and sound available on a flash format are not enough of a reason for people to try playing Gaminator slots then the amazing themes on offer surely are. There are many different Gaminator slots on offer all with completely different and imaginative slot themes. The different themes are all very well designed this is shown with the background of the slots appearance. The background is designed around the theme of each individual slot an example of this is in one game where the theme is set on discovering the world on a boat therefore the background is an old map with a compass on it. The themes in Gaminator slots also dictate how the symbols will look and the designs of each symbol are very detailed. An example of these great symbols can be seen in one of the cartoony themed slots where the symbols are all animated different bugs and when a Bug falls in on a reel the Bug which is a 3D animation does a little dance. These design details on Gaminator slots make games very unique and all go very far to insure a player is involved in a first rate playing environment.

The game play in Gaminator slots is about trying to get the balance between making the games as user friendly as possible whilst also challenging and making the games interesting enough for the more experienced casino slot game players. This balance is achieved through providing a range of unique and different games that are targeted towards players of all different levels. In this website we have provided a review on all of the Gaminator slots which we hope will serve as a guide for players when wondering which game is the best option for them to play. The Gaminator slots all operate on varying amounts of reels and win line options generally the lower the amount of win lines that a games offers the easier the game is to play. This is because the more win lines that a game offers means the more options that have to be considered when a player is gambling. The easiest and most simple game in the Gaminator slots range is the play free Alchemest’s Lab game this operates on only three reels and one win line making this game very simple to use and therefore perfect for beginners. This game although perfect for beginners has limitations and will soon get boring due to the lack of different playing options so for more advanced players this would not be a good option.

The bonus features that Gaminator slots offer are what really separate these fantastic slot games from the competition. There are many different games available and all offer different features and incentives for players. The fact that there is such variety from one game to the next means that a player will be constantly challenged once one slot is mastered a player can move onto a new one. The Gaminator slots generally tend to offer at least three bonus features per game. The standard bonuses that can be found will include some sort of scatter feature where a player can win some free bonus spins by getting at least three of a certain special symbol on the screen at one time. This then activates numerous bonus spins under different conditions for different games where a user can aggressively increase their winnings. Another common bonus feature found in Gaminator slots is the substitute feature this is where a specific symbol acts as a substituting symbol for other symbols therefore increasing players winning chances dramatically. The gamble feature is also found in most Gaminator slots and this feature gives the player the chance to make a fifty / fifty bet with the house and has the opportunity to either double or lose their winnings.

When evaluating all the different Gaminator slots and what they collectively offer players it obvious that these slots really offer a wide range of playing options for different types of players. The graphics and sounds that are used in the Gaminator slots are of an excellent standard and they offer something that is very advanced within flash casino games. There are no downloads and all games are played via flash which is something every user will appreciate and love. The main factors that make these slot games stand out from the competition is the amazing and very well thought out themes behind each game. Some of the themes that Gaminator slots include are action / adventure slots, mermaid slots, explorer slots, Egyptian slots, cartoony slots, musically inspired slots and shark themed slots. This is a wide range of different themes that will appeal to many different potential players. These above factors combined with the bonus features and overall game play at Gaminator slots create a winning formula that all players will enjoy.